February 29, 2024

California COVID-19 Cases Top 500,000 As Global Total Nears 18 Million: Live Update
Houston Mayor Orders $250 Fines For People Who Refuse To Wear Masks

ByteDance, Microsoft Break Off TikTok Deal Talks
U.S. dollar net shorts soar to highest in nine years: CFTC, Reuters
US Printed More Money in One Month Than in Two Centuries
More Than 60% Of Global Debt Now Yields Less Than 1%
Morgan Stanley: Brace For A Spike In Inflation As Congress Is Now In The Money Supply Driver’s Seat
BP Slashes Dividend For First Time In Decade On Dismal Energy Demand Outlook
The Endless Melt Up: Gold And Silver Soar, Global Stocks Turn Green For 2020; Apple $2 Trillion Any Second
Another 1.2 million Americans filed for first-time unemployment benefits last week
US economy added 1.8 million jobs in July but still down nearly 13 million jobs during the pandemic

Gold/Precious metals
A Record Amount Of Physical Gold Was Just Delivered On COMEX, Here’s Why
Gold surges past $2,000 an ounce for the first time

Democrats Urging Biden Not To Debate Trump
Trump Renomination Closed To The Public And Press
Trump Signs Executive Order Banning TikTok, WeChat
White House Moves To De-List Chinese Companies From American Stock Exchanges
White House rejects Democrats’ offer for $2 trillion stimulus price tag

Severe flooding displaces millions in China and Bangladesh as the monsoon wreaks havoc
At least 50 killed, hundreds hurt in massive blast in Beirut
WATCH huge mushroom-like cloud cover Beirut’s docks area after ‘fireworks depot’ explodes
Massive warehouse explosion rocks Beirut, causing thousands of injuries and widespread damage
European Funds Post Stunning $835 Billion In Trading Losses For First Half Of 2020
“He Abandoned The Deadly Cargo”: Meet The Mysterious Businessman At Center Of The Beirut Blast Saga
Up To 300,000 Left Homeless In Beirut After Blast Collapsed Walls Miles Away

NYPD: Shootings and murders rose dramatically in July

America’s Coin Shortage Is Getting Worse

Millions Without Power, Isaias Unleashes Twisters Across East Coast