February 29, 2024

Georgia, Texas and Florida lead the country in coronavirus cases per capita
Sweden’s Lead Epidemiologist: Wearing Face Masks Is “Very Dangerous”
Covid is Now the Third Leading Cause of Death in the US

The Devastation Of The Middle Class: It Now Takes 53 Weeks Of Median Wages Every Year To Pay For Basic Needs
Apple Hits $2 Trillion Market Cap
Jobless claims climb back above 1 million
Over One Million Americans Filed For Jobless Benefits Last Week
Used Vehicle Prices Explode To All Time Highs After Plunging Just Months Ago
As the Bubble Slowly Pops, the Economic Chain Reaction Is Now in Progress
“These Are Staggering Numbers”: Spending By Unemployed Americans Plunges As Fiscal Stimulus Ends
This Is What The S&P Would Look Like Without The 5 Megacap Tech Stocks
Existing Home Sales Soar By Record To Highest In 14 Years; Median Price Breaches $300K For First Time Ever

Democrats Nominate Harris for Vice President, as Obama Lashes Trump
Joe Biden Accepts Democratic Nomination: ‘I Will Draw on the Best of Us’
Watch: DNC Uses Duplicate “Fans” During Kamala Harris Livestream

Turkey Hit By Bank Runs, Currency Panic As Locals Sell Their Cars And Houses To Buy Gold While Lira Implodes
World Trade Plunged To ‘Lowest Levels’ On Record In June

Fires, Blackouts, a Heat Wave and a Pandemic: California’s ‘Horrible’ Month

Russian Bank Issues First “Precedent-Setting” Crypto-Backed Loan