February 29, 2024

T-Mobile currently has a deal to get a $415 credit for a iPhone 7+ trade-in for a iPhone 12, with no add-a-line requirement. I liked having the fingerprint sensor, esp since it works at night time and wearing a mask. But, I doubt I’ll ever be able to get this much for the phone, so I decided to upgrade.

I was waffling between the 12 and the 12 pro. The 12 pro costs $170 more with the 12 pro at $1000 and the 12 at $830. The 12 with 128 GB runs $880. So, would I be willing to pay $120 more for a better camera? The store sales rep surprisingly said to just get the 12. The better camera isn’t really worth it. So, went with the 12.

Since the store didn’t have a 12, had it shipped to my house. I think this worked out better since I could then transfer the data at home. I had bought it on Wed night and the phone arrived at my house on Friday afternoon. The automatic phone settings transfer is very convenient. It replicated everything on my old phone to the new phone, including apps, the menu setup, and alarms. The only problem I encountered was the apps were not initially downloading. I guess having so many apps to be downloaded at once confused it. So, I paused the download of the apps by individually clicking on each app and pausing the download. When it only got down to a few apps to download, it then was able to download them. Then I reenabled the download for each app. I was a little concerned the phone was running hot during this time. But, after it all got setup, it hasn’t been a problem.

Surprisingly, I don’t notice much significant feature difference between the 7+ and the 12. I had expected more since there’s a 5 generation difference between the two. The biggest gain is having 5G. Speed at my house is 273 M down and 27 up. It’s significantly faster than my wifi with 86 down and 21 up. 12 is much lighter than the 7+. Screen size is about the same. Form factor is smaller. It’s also nice now to have better portrait modes.