February 29, 2024

“The Great Resignation, also known as the Big Quit, is an economic trend in which employees voluntarily resign from their jobs en masse, beginning in early 2021, primarily in the United States.”

“38% of pastors in the United States have thought about quitting full-time ministry in the past year, according to The Barna Group.”
Pastors leaving jobs amid ‘Great Resignation’

“People from Asia to Europe have been walking away from jobs as they re-evaluate their work-life balance amid high levels of burnout.”
U.K. Firms Brace for a Great British Resignation in 2022


– Concerns about covid
– Lack of childcare
– Better work-life balance
– Stimulus payments
– Dissatisfaction with work
– Long covid and less ability and desire to work
– Toxic culture – “failure to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion; workers feeling disrespected; and unethical behavior”
– Negative assessments of their company’s future outlook
– Burn out
– Seek higher pay
– Seek jobs that offer full-time remote
– Early retirement – forced or voluntary
– Vaccination, mask mandates
– Move to self-employment
– “pandemic epiphanies” – reassessing career path
– “reduce the coercive element of labor as much as possible by subverting capitalism”
– “Well, some of us are lazy and we just don’t want to work.”

“The weariness of the pandemic, the weariness of politics that are extreme on both ends, the weariness of opening and closing and shutting down and wearing a mask and not wearing a mask and vaccinations and not, all of that is just weariness and it’s exhausting is the word I’d used,”

“More-innovative companies, including SpaceX, Tesla, Nvidia, and Netflix, are experiencing higher attrition rates than their more staid competitors. The pattern is not limited to technology-intensive industries, since innovative companies like Goldman Sachs and Red Bull have suffered higher turnover as well.”
Toxic Culture Is Driving the Great Resignation


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