July 25, 2024

Sunday evening, our daughter, Sarena, got sick. Monday, it got worse. She had diarrhea with some blood in it, vomited all day, a swollen eye, and a fever that spiked to 106 degrees. So, yesterday, we brought her to the doctor. He presribed an antibiotic shot for the eye. Then gave us prescriptions to stop the vomiting and to lower the fever. He said he had no idea what was causing all the problems.

I always hate to go to the doctor, unless it’s some serious emergency. They rarely can diagnose what the real problem is and about the only thing that can do is prescribe medicine to treat the symptoms. What’s the use of having to drive all the way to the doctor’s office, sit in the waiting room, then wait some more in the doctor’s office for the doctor to come, then have him listen to the heart, look inside the mouth and ears, then simply give us a prescription to treat the symptoms? Almost always I feel it’s a complete waste of time.

I wish there were more doctors that have a more holistic approach to health. Doctors now rely too much on medicine. And the medicine usually is just to treat the symptoms, instead of curing the problem.