May 29, 2024

My thighs are sore, I’ve got small circles marks all over my body, and cut up my right leg a little. Yesterday was the first real paintball fight I’ve played. On my first attempt two months ago, the battle was busted up by the cops. Yesterday, we played in Terminator Tom’s backyard, and didn’t get any complaints from the neighbors. We played three capture the flag games with 4 players on each team.

On the first game, our team was the attacking team. Our team split up and tried to attack from 4 directions. The defending side decided not to stay in the fort, but hid themselves around the fort. It was a pretty good strategy cause we couldn’t break through them. With 5 minutes left in the game, Josh and I decided to die in glory. We rushed the fort and just as we got there, we got nailed with a hail of paintballs from all directions.

During game 2, we defended our fort. We decided to split up and cover the creek between the forts. However, the other side decided on a concentrated attack on one side. I was on the other side and moved to the fort when I started hearing the shooting. By then, they had killed two of our team members. Josh and I were the only ones left to protect the fort, but we were so well protected that there was no way for them to get near the flag. One of the other guys tried to hide behind a tree, but he a little bit bigger than the tree so he got nailed by paintballs. We shouted for them to try to rush the fort, but they were too chicken to do it.

On the third game, I went out to do a flank, but I lost my headings and saw another person. I thought he was on the other team and blasted away on him from behind. Turned out that it was Josh! Boy, I felt so stupid. Then right after that, another team member blasted at me cause he thought I had gone around. At the end, it was only Josh and I left. Nobody was getting anywhere, so we tried to call out for a draw. So then we left. As our team was sitting on the patio relaxing, we could hear them shooting. We had no idea what they were shooting at.