June 14, 2024

At AmericasDebate, there is a We have come to the time to shed ourselves of our anachronistic political system. Now is the time to move into the new technological era and seize the power of science and technology to regulate ourselves efficiently.

Our current political system is full of inefficiencies and is a tremendous burden to society. Our government currently spends over $2 trillion per year. On top of that, we pay $860 billion in compliance costs. Our tax structure is burdensome to all our citizens and we spend an inordinate amount of time and resources to follow a set of tax laws that nobody understands. Our leaders are out of touch with the people and are just pawns of the large political action groups. We have had leaders that have demonstrated ethical and moral failures. We have a system in constant political gridlock. We have low voter turnout and inaccurate methods of vote tallying.

We need a new system that is innovative, efficient, just, and operates at minimal cost to taxpayers. And we have a solution. One thousand of the brightest minds in our country (scientists, engineers, and programmers) have labored over the past 15 years to design a system to replace our archaic government.

The result is a multi-cluster, hyper-threading, parallel-processing, dynamically-extensible, zottabyte-memory, hack-counter-attack supercomputer with cutting-edge artificial intelligence that is capable of running the entire country. It is called GRIP (Government Running Inside Computer).

The cost of operating GRIP will only be $200 billion per year. Which is far less than our current inefficient government which shows little for all the money it spends. GRIP software will be constantly maintained by the elite and all the latest advances in Computer Science will be incorporated on a regular basis.

All financial transactions will also be monitored by GRIP. Thus dramatically reducing the amount of identity theft and fraud. Taxes will be collected by charging a 0.01% fee on all transactions. This worry-free tax system is dramatically more efficient than our ludricrous tax system.

The justice system will no longer be in the hands of partial judges and incompetent jurors. But a computer, being completely neutral and unbiased, will decide all cases. No more will citizens have to go through the drudgery of being selected as a juror. Case decisions will be measured in seconds rather than days, months, or even years.

The military will no longer require humans. Thus we will have zero military casualties. All military operations will be carried out by unmanned attack planes, submarines, tanks, missles, and laser equpped satellites. All controlled, of course, by GRIP. With it’s high-speed military logistics algorithm, war will no longer be measured in years, but in days. Thus even more reducing costs to American taxpayers.

Each American citizen will also receive a GRIP chip to be implanted inside their brain. We will have 100% voter participation. People will be able to directly contact the central government and give input on how the US should operate. People will be able to propose regulations and vote for regulations that GRIP approves of. No more will the citizens of America be held captive to Congressional subcommittees, filibustering, or whims of Congressmen.

If you have any concerns about GRIP, simply think about your comments, and your implanted chip will send it to GRIP, where your suggestions will be notably recorded and be quickly dealt with.