July 25, 2024

– God has been banned in schools. We can indoctrinate our kids all we want about religion.
– Freely learn about the Bible or any book we want to learn from.
– The school system does not reflect real life. Life is more than taking tests and sitting in class all day with a bunch of kids.
– Flexible schedule. We can go on vacation anytime we want.
– Not just focus on academics, but all skills necessary for life.
– I can evaulate and choose the curriculum and tailor the lessons specific for each child.
– I can choose who will be the influencers on my child.
– Promote self learning.
– Can stay on one topic as long as we want. Can master a subject. In schools, it’s difficult to master a subject since you can only take a class for so long.
– Don’t punish kids cause they don’t excel in everything. Everyone has different talents. The pressure to be good in all subjects is not realistic.
– Keep my kids away from negative peer pressure, crime, and drugs.

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