February 29, 2024

– In 1054, the Greek Orthodox church split from the Roman Catholic church.
– Catholics believe the Pope is infallible. Orthodox believes the Pope is fallible.
– Decisions in the Orthodox are made by a local bishops, the synod.
– Catholics believe Mary was born without sin (Immaculate Conception).
– Orthodox believes Mary was not born without sin.
– Catholics believe in purgatory. Orthodox do not believe in purgatory.
– Catholic priests cannot marry. Orthodox priests can marry.
– Greek Orthodox and Russian Orthodox are part of Eastern Orthodox.
– Full name of Eastern Orthodox is “The Orthodox Catholic Church”.
– Orthodox is a combination of two Greek words, orthos (straight) and doxa (worship).
– There are some 250 million Orthodox Christians in the world.
– Most Christians in Greece, Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia, Russia and Ukraine are Orthodox.
– Orthodox reject the idea that God can be known by human reasoning.
– Roman Catholicism places a high value on human reason.
– Roman Catholicism views the sacraments as necessary for salvation and the reception of God’s grace.
– Eastern Orthodoxy the sacraments are not seen as meritorious but instead as bringing one into the presence of Christ.

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