May 29, 2024

What would happen during a shutdown:
– “Essential services” would not get affected.
– 800,000 federal employees, plus private contractors, will not get paid.
– Federal employees cannot use vacation days to get paid during a furlough.
Members of Congress will still get paid
Most US data won’t be issued in government shutdown
– National parks and museums would close
– FHA would stop guaranteeing loans.
Military pay would be delayed

– Congress is trying to pass a 2011 federal budget (Oct 2010 – Sept 2011). Government has been operating on six temporary extensions (continuing resolutions) since Sept 2010.
– Initial total spending budget was $3.83 trillion with $1.56 trillion deficit.
– GOP wants to cut $60 billion in spending. This is a 1.6% cut in spending or 3.85% of deficit.
Last shutdown occurred in 1995 for 21 days(Dec 16, 1995 – Jan 6, 1996), the longest in US history.
– Shutdowns in the 1970s and 1980s ranged from three days to 17 days.
– Current debt ceiling is $14.294 trillion
– Will hit debt limit by May 15, 2011

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