July 25, 2024

After fooling around for weeks, I’ve finally got my SL-5000D working with WiFi!

I first tried out with the Ambicom WL1100C-CF WiFi card, but after playing around with some settings, the display was getting garbled. And it wouldn’t even recognize the card. So, I returned it and tried out the Linksys WCF12. Since Linksys is the leader, I figured I should have no problems. But couldn’t get it to work. I discovered that I needed to download the latest ROM from Sharp. I tried Version 1.38, but still couldn’t get it to work. I posted a message on ZaurusZone and got absolutely no feedback.

So, I tried to play around with the Crow ROM. It required to get a SD or MMC card. So I bought a SanDisk 128 Meg SD. But it turns out that there is huge performance problems with it. So, I tried out the 128 Meg PNY SD. While at it, I returned the WCF12 and got a Netgear MA701. Both worked like a charm. At work, the WiFi uses 128 bit encryption, and got it working on the first shot.

Man, this is so cool. The geek in me is as giddy as teenage boy out on his first date (well, maybe not quite that giddy).