July 25, 2024

QPSword is a great little Bible program. There’s several good modules at their feed. I’ve installed the King James Version with the Hebrew/Greek lexicons and Webster dictionary. Now I can lookup any Hebrew or Greek word in the Bible. Nice.

However, QPSword has little documentation, so it’s hard to figure things out. Number one thing is that in order to bring up the menu, you hold the stylus down in the text area, then a menu will appear (a menu button would be nice). To use the lexicons/dictionary, you can simply type in a number in the middle box. Or you can also highlight the number and go to Lookup in the menu.

The other modules are in zip format. So, I had to get the unzip package in order to unzip them in the Zaurus. To install them, put the zipped module files at /usr/share/sword and unzip them.